Wary Meyers Voulez-Vous? Candle

Wary Meyers

Wary Meyers Voulez-Vous? Candle

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Sensuous French rose flirts with exotic far eastern spices in an alluring Indochine dream, nuanced with the bouquet of Darjeeling, amber, and wild poppies. An intoxicating and seductive scent, like floating on a rose petal in a moonlit pool of tea.
N'est-ce pas?

Poured by Linda's artisanal hand in carefully crafted batches in their studio in Cumberland, Maine. 6.7 oz. 40 hour burn time.

The candles are made from a blend of premium food grade paraffin (the exact same as what you find on chocolate and cheese), and soy wax. The wick is all cotton. The oils are the highest quality pthalates-free fragrances infused with essential oils.  The boxes are made from 100% recycled paper. The glasses are made with recycled glass.

Thanks very much and remember to trim your wick! :)