Eym candles
Eym candles
Eym candles
Eym candles
Eym candles
Eym candles


Eym candles

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Always sustainably sourced ingredients, fragrance and packaging. Burn time 50 hours. Burn for a minimum of 2 hours, natural candles have no booster chemicals so need some time to spread their scent. All candles 220 g.


A beautifully layered masculine scent. Deep and earthy. Vetivert and Lavender essential oils. 


This candle gives you the chance to go a little bit deeper. Peaceful and mellowing. Frankincense & Patchouli and other essential oils.


Your warm welcome home. Comforting and reassuring. Rose, geranium &camomile essential oils. 


The candle for an enriching moment in your day. Sensual and luxurious. Neroli, orange blossom & ylang ylang essential oils. 


An uplifting and clarifying scent. Fresh and zesty. Orange, bergamot & black pepper essential oils.


A gentle and pure scent, perfect for night time. Calming and soothing. Camomile, Sweet Orange & Lavender.