Aesa passage ring
Aesa passage ring
Aesa passage ring


Aesa passage ring

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Pearls are always a good idea, especially when perched on a ring which looks like a crown. 

Bronze statement ring with three 3mm pearls.

Band measures .5" thick.

Randi Mates is the designer behind Aesa jewelry. Trained as a historian and a classical goldsmith, Mates established the company in 2007 and is based in New York City.

Aesa’s ouevre harkens to a grand tradition of craft in which handwork is revered. At the same time, Mates’ references are always varied and unconventional; the way she melds them is surprising, innovative and seamless.

Each a small work of art, Mates’ designs are both poetic and sympathetic, making them covetable, sophisticated and intimate.